My wow:
What interested me most this week comes from the Siemens article ( I found the limitations of the learning theories to be an interesting consideration, especially the point about the theories not making room for learning that occurs “outside of people”. They seem to be only concerned with individuals’ learning, but I think there is a lot that may be missed if you are discounting how entities like organizations and technology learn. Further, I never thought about the fact that learning theories do not consider the value of what’s being learned. This is vital and a big oversight.

My wonder:
In the same vein as my Wow, I am wondering if there is room for these theories to be modified to be inclusive of types of learning that are separate from the person. Especially in the modern world, technology’s ability to learn is vital and arguably foundational to a lot of aspects of our society. These theories should perhaps be edited or modified to include technological and organizational learning. I think that this would help them to be more accurate when it comes to people, too.