The thing that caught my interest most this week (my “Wow”) came from Danah Boyd’s article about Networked Privacy. I found the whole article to be a particularly interesting read. I had never thought about data and privacy in terms of being “networked”, that what we share tells us about others. DNA data was an obvious example to me, but it was interesting to consider that even appearing in the background of strangers’ pictures is in fact personal data that is floating around out there without our knowledge or consent. While something like this is probably low-risk, it is still worth considering.

My Wonder for the week comes from this same line of thinking. It is less something that I can research and more something I want to be introspective about–how much of my data may be out there that I know nothing about? Not just pictures with me in the background, or DNA information, but more subtle information that I may not even realize could be out there? This is definitely something I will be pondering thanks to Boyd’s paper.

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