Apologies for a very late post!

My wow and wonder post is based off of Renee DiResta’s article here: https://www.theatlantic.com/ideas/archive/2021/10/disinformation-propaganda-amplification-ampliganda/620334/

My wow and wonder from this article both stem from DiResta’s term ampliganda. DiResta defines ampliganda as “the shaping of perception through amplification.” This is a unique perspective on propaganda that I had not thought of – it’s still propaganda, but done so by pushing others to spread your message. This is really interesting to me, as when I reflect on this term I can see how widely it is used in the age of social media. However, I never really thought about how it’s a slightly different vehicle for spreading a message than just plain propaganda. Ampliganda also seems extra powerful to me because of the fact that there is no one person or one organization responsible for it. This is also where my wonder comes in, as it got me thinking about how ampliganda may shape and evolve overtime to create other new subcategories of propaganda. Some, perhaps, that may be occurring now, but that we don’t quite yet have a way to describe.